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Terms & Conditions

1. Ownership And Parties

This Website and platform and products sold therein are property and copyright of Practical Design ABN 48924541455, and are referred to in these Terms & Conditions with the words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, whilst the words ‘client’, ‘customer’, ‘user’, ‘you’ and ‘yours’ refer to anyone who accesses this site and its products.

2. Product Description

Practical Design offers informative products as advertised on its website at which consist in one online course called Practical Design Online Course (also known as James Treble’s Practical Design) and specialised Mentors’ Guides (E-books) related to the subject of Interior Design. All products are offered as Web content, Video content and downloadable PDF files. Any content offered by Practical Design is for general information and general educational purposes only and is based on the professional experience as gained by the author/s and should not be considered as a recommendation in financial or legal or any other field.

3. Disclaimer

Practical Design can’t guarantee any specific outcome or benefit from the application of the information presented in any of its products. Our liability is limited to the delivery of the product we offer and does not cover any loss or damage sustained by you upon the application of the information we provide. Any technical information, measurements, or standards suggested in any of the Practical Design products and information are indicative only as these do vary from region to region. We indeed strongly direct you to compare our information against the required standards expected in the region, state or territory which regulate the property you intend to apply them to.

4. The Binding Agreement

The purchasing of any of Practical Design products activates a Binding Agreement which acknowledges you have read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions in this entire document. Upon purchase, both parties agree that:

  1. Any of the products purchased via Practical Design are subject to Intellectual Property laws, protected by the Law of the Commonwealth of Australia;
  2. Any of the Practical Design’s products are for the sole use of the person whose name is on the purchase agreement;
  3. The purchasing of any of Practical Design’s products does not allow its reproduction, duplicating, copying or sharing in total or in part, unless requested to and agreed in writing by the directing team of Practical Design;
  4. Any of the products purchased from Practical Design are available via Practical Design channels only and for a limited time from the date of purchase: 12 months for James Treble’s Online Course, and 3 months for the Mentor’s Guides (eBooks), unless made impossible due to any circumstance over which we could have no reasonable knowledge and/or control.
  5. Any unpredictable and inevitable event over which we could have no reasonable control, and that may cause our impossibility to deliver for a period longer than 14 days, may be called as a good cause for the termination of this agreement.
  6. Should any part of this agreement become ineffective, irrelevant or unenforceable, the remainder will remain active, applicable and enforceable.
  7. To provide safety of use and to guarantee the protection of both personal data and intellectual property, the directing team of Practical Design may suggest or request at any time the change of login details such as usernames and passwords used.

5. Intellectual Property

Unless specified, all logos as well as written and visual content used in the products offered by Practical Design is original and its Intellectual Property remains with Practical Design. All material offered to Practical Design for agreed purposes, like publishing and/or selling, will remain Intellectual Property of the original author of such material. Any complaints or suggestions about this subject are to be immediately communicated to us in writing, via our website contact form, and will be addressed as soon as possible and within 14 days from receiving it.

6. Complaints

Any complaints about any of the aspects of the quality of product or the running of Practical Design, must be communicated to us in writing, via our website contact form, as soon as possible and will be acknowledged and responded to within a maximum of 14 days from receiving it. We will promptly investigate the issue and consider all reasonable options available to address and resolve the complaint.


7. Refunds

Any request for refund must be submitted to us in writing, via our website contact form within 7 days of purchase and must detail the ground of discontent. Any refund, in part or in its entirety is at the reasonable and sole discretion of the directing team of Practical Design. If agreed, all refunds can only be transferred via the original payment method used to purchase. Changes of mind or misjudgements about the content of our products are not valid ground for refunds.

8. Cookies And Website Data

Cookies and Metadata are commonly used and necessary for us to provide access to the Services/Products/Information on our platform. Anyone visiting Practical Design website, or which has purchased any of Practical Design products, agrees to the use of cookies and the collection of metadata necessary for Practical Design to offer its products.

9. Disputes

In the event of any legal dispute regarding any activities carried with or by Practical Design, the law of the Commonwealth of Australia will apply, together with the laws of the Australian State or Territory where the agreement took place.

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