Download PRACTICAL DESIGN COURSE within 30 days of purchase and it’s YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER

Download PRACTICAL DESIGN COURSE within 30 days of purchase and it’s YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER

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Sally Hart
Unpacking Storage
Tameka Moffat
Commercial Design
Emma Stergoulis
Children’s Bedroom

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  • How to capitalise on floorspace to improve functionality
  • Transforming cluttered rooms into beautiful spaces


  • The professional approach to Commercial Design
  • Learning from our Mentor’s step by step design process


  • Understanding the unique needs of your clients' family
  • Achieving a style which adapts to the children's changing taste

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Design Success Stories

Sally starts with understanding your lifestyle, your everyday routine ..things you reach for most often… understanding how you prefer to keep things tidy… Designing …that suits your lifestyle takes an absolute expert…. design that is a joy to live with.
Deborah Hutton, about Sally Hart
The best way to describe what Sally Hart does is (as a) space strategists - and who doesn’t want to make the most of the space they have? ….the planning consultation blew me away…. It helped me understand why some spaces just didn’t feel right
Simone Novello, about Sally Hart
My firm worked with Tameka Moffat Designs on a large multi-storey mixed use development… She is very well known in the region for her design expertise, attentional to detail and exceptional work standard. From the very beginning Tameka’s experience in space planning and design, was obvious.
Eagle Project Management, about Tameka Moffat
Tameka’s design expertise and input into our development was fundamental in the project being the success it is today. Her knowledge of the design and building industry is very in-depth especially when complying with disability access codes and certification requirements which is crucial to a project of this scale.
Graheme C. Headlands Hotel, about Tameka Moffat
Emma addressed all of our queries and concerns with positive attitude. Her report was not only elegant but very useful and our builder really appreciated the level of detail and specification.
Maude and Chris G, about Emma Stergoulis
I have used the services of Emma on several occasions and have been overwhelming impressed by her flair for design, organisational skills and professionalism. Emma has advised over the years on our art deco apartment block in Randwick… Emma always exceeds expectations, is highly efficient and cost effective.
Chris, about Emma Stergoulis

Inside the Guides

Sally Hart

Unpacking storage

Storage design is not just about how much stuff there is, or the space available for it. It’s about how a family interacts in any particular space. Within each family, individuals vary in their appetite for tidiness and organisation. Catering to these idiosyncrasies is the path of least resistance to a life that’s ordered and calm. By following this design process, you too will achieve aesthetically beautiful storage within a highly functional home.

Tameka Moffat

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design is a varied specialty based on the desire to create a space for a business to flourish. When designed correctly and thoughtfully, this leads to a deeply satisfying outcome for owners, staff and patrons alike. This Guide is a supportive tool to help you learn practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to your next commercial project with confidence.
Emma Stergoulis

Designing The Children's Bedroom

With so many products on the market, specialist stores, and images of dream children’s bedrooms on social media, it is easy for clients to become overwhelmed. With this in mind, the aim of this guide is to provide a simplified, step by step and practical approach to designing, styling and decorating children’s bedrooms, taking you from newborn through to teenager… and possibly beyond.

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Yours to download immediately
Yours to download immediately

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