Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!
Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!

Which Staircase is Best?

Genneral Staircase for Gremmo Homes

With the many exciting designs available on the market which staircase is best for your home? Closed or open risers, cut or closed stringers, cantilever, mono string, floating, exposed or encased? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. And it’s not just what you like, but how a staircase suits your home and will affect its look and style forever

In most homes the staircase is at the very front of the home, visible the moment you walk inside, and greatly influences the impression and character of the home. Staircases are an important investment and one that will affect the overall value of your property and you want to get it right. So, I commonly recommend my clients to visit a home display village. This is the perfect way to explore the many possibilities so that you can understand not only the functionality and looks, but also the best positioning within the home’s floor plan. Next step is the tailoring of the staircase to your own specific needs, like taste, budget and functionality

Genneral Staircase for Gremmo Homes
image courtesy of Genneral Staircase

Start from doing some research and forming an idea of the stair design that you like and that suits your home. Genneral Staircase have a great gallery on their website, filled with inspiring images to get you started. Once you’ve decided upon your favourite look, begin confirming the finishes for the treads, risers, posts handrail and balustrading, making sure that all of these different elements combine to create a cohesive look with your home’s design and fits your budget.

Genneral Staircase

To get it right the first time, I recommend dealing with a quality staircase maker that has a wide range of different designs to offer and proven experience in tailoring this important component to their clients’ needs. I have worked with Genneral Staircase now for nearly twenty years and besides offering great design solutions and finishes of great quality, they have responded to the needs of my clients with great care and great attention to detail.

Staircase elements by James Treble

To recap:

  1. Research for a style you like
  2. Make sure it fits your home in finishes and design
  3. Ask the support of experts.


James Treble PRactical Design Staircases

The Practical Design Course has an extensive section explaining Staircases and the best way to select the one that’s best for your home, sharing James Treble’s award-winning professional experience, and detailed case studies to guide you step by step in the creation of successful façades, with hundreds of practical tips you can apply right away.

Practical Design Online Course

There are many design schools offering the theory of interiors, and there’s plenty of lifestyle television and Instagram and Pinterest pages to inspire the design lovers. Yet, we know it takes more than theory and pretty images to achieve good design. The intent of Practical Design is to offer sound information and practical design knowledge.


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Genneral Staircase for Gremmo Homes

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