Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!
Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!

Renovate, Extend Or Rebuild?

If you feel your property doesn’t satisfy your needs and you want to make changes but have no desire to move from the house, you have three available choices: to extend, to renovate or to rebuild. Each of these options offer different benefits and might require a different budget. So, first of all, it is important to define why changes are needed and how much change you can allow for within your budget. If this is relevant to you, here are a few practical suggestions you might want to consider.

WHY: the family is growing, or the children are growing and need their own space, or the grandparents need to move in, or you’ve been living for too long with an unsuccessful floorplan and a reconfiguration is necessary. Maybe you just want a new space? Whatever the reasons, the aim must be clear to make sure the expectations are properly understood and addressed, and the results are worth the effort. Accurate planning is the secret here to saving time, money and unnecessary headaches.

HOW: the result you hope to achieve should lead the whole process, aiming for functionality first, then practicality and finally good looks. For example, changing the layout of a floorplan might be all you need to do without overcapitalising with expensive extensions. Seeking professional advice is always recommended to help you find the most effective solution, for example an architect, a builder an Interior Designer with  experience in building and structural changes.

HOW MUCH: The challenge is to spend  within the limits of what you can comfortably afford and including a buffer for those unavoidable complications will reduce the stress and strain to your family’s wellbeing. You will undoubtedly experience disruption to your domestic life as soon as the work starts, but if you are in control of finances and have agreed on the work and costings, the process and results should be quite exciting.

The help of professionals is ultimately your lifesaver, providing recommendations on costs and what you can expect whether you are renovating, extending or possibly rebuilding. In fact, depending on the scale of change, and the hidden costs of renovations, a knock-down-and-rebuild might be the fastest and more economical solution.

Finally, keep an open mind about a home that doesn’t satisfy you to start with. Be practical with your decisions and prepared to compromise with your design and the limitations of the property.

Don’t be emotional about it, be practical.

Practical Design Online Course

There are many design schools offering the theory of interiors, and there’s plenty of lifestyle television and Instagram and Pinterest pages to inspire the design lovers. Yet, we know it takes more than theory and pretty images to achieve good design. The intent of Practical Design is to offer sound information and practical design knowledge.


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The Practical Design Online Course consists of nine modules that are brimming with hands-on advice, practical how-to’s and step-by-step guides, all delivered by James Treble.

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If you feel your property doesn’t satisfy your needs and you want to make changes

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