Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!
Next James Treble Practical Design Workshop 18 August 2021. Enrol in the course to attend!

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Whilst selling seems easy in such a strong housing market, no one should take for granted the value of a property placed up for sale. In fact there are some simple styling tricks everyone can apply to improve the appeal of any space, no matter what their taste, home style or budget. So, if you are in the process of styling your home to sell it or just want to refresh it for yourself,  here are three easy tips to get your decorating started.

Go Large – As you declutter your space, when it comes to artwork, large, oversized pieces will always make a strong impression, placed in a key position like above the lounge, over the sideboard, or at the entry foyer to really set the stage for your home styling. But if one large artwork is not your taste, then using a group of smaller works placed in an ordered way, in effect creating one large art piece, will also offer a great impact. Note: To really be effective, a big art piece needs to be the star of the space, which means no clutter around or under it.


Declutter – The phrase Less is More is an old but a good one, and refers to the fact that more often than not, having fewer objects, or colours, or patterns competing for attention will offer greater impact to the styling. Those that are proud of their collection of décor or art or furniture, even, might be tempted to have it all on show, and the resulting space might be a cluttered one, where none of the objects will standout and receive the attention they truly deserve. The solution is one that we learn from art galleries: selecting the pieces go out on show and which are stored out of sight until it’s time to swap.


Go Green – One of my simplest and most cost effective ways to make any room welcoming is to add a few luscious plants. It may be as simple as placing a small pot plant on a coffee table, or an oversized glossy leafed palm in the corner of a lounge room. Plants are effective with any interiors’ style and help blur the lines between inside and out, adding to our rooms a sense of  and freshness and space. I love plants and have at least one in nearly every room in my house and more than one in the bathrooms.


The Practical Design Course has an extensive section explaining Interiors Styling and Décor , sharing James Treble’s award-winning professional experience, and Real Estate advice to increase the appeal and value of your property.

Practical Design Online Course

There are many design schools offering the theory of interiors, and there’s plenty of lifestyle television and Instagram and Pinterest pages to inspire the design lovers. Yet, we know it takes more than theory and pretty images to achieve good design. The intent of Practical Design is to offer sound information and practical design knowledge.


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The Practical Design Online Course consists of nine modules that are brimming with hands-on advice, practical how-to’s and step-by-step guides, all delivered by James Treble.

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Whilst selling seems easy in such a strong housing market, no one should take for

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