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Genneral Staircase for Gremmo Homes

With the many exciting designs available on the market which staircase is best for your home? Closed or open

James Treble for Eden Brae Homes

Creating the right façade is one of the most important steps in creating the character that distinguishes a

If you feel your property doesn’t satisfy your needs and you want to make changes but have no desire to move from

It is a fact that styled properties sell for more and that is simply because the positive effects of a styled property

If you have hallways that are long and narrow, chances are the only natural light within this space that which

It is a well known fact that large people are discouraged from wearing horizontal stripes which tend to make

Gone are the days when properties on the market weren’t styled within an inch of their lives. Within the current

Practical Design Online Course

There are many design schools offering the theory of interiors, and there’s plenty of lifestyle television and Instagram and Pinterest pages to inspire the design lovers. Yet, we know it takes more than theory and pretty images to achieve good design. The intent of Practical Design is to offer sound information and practical design knowledge.