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Want to design interiors like
a professional?

Here’s your all-access pass to decades of design knowledge, hands-on advice and practical how-to’s, all delivered by award-winning designer, James Treble.
An online interior design course created for home renovators and aspiring designers, who want to design like a professional. This is what you’ll get:

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This course is for you, if:

You’re a home renovator wanting to get it right, first time

You’re a design student looking to fast-track your career with practical experience

You're a new home builder ready to elevate your homes' design and finishes


Meet James Treble

An award-winning interior designer, James Treble is passionate about creating beautiful, functional living spaces. Dedicated to sharing his decades of experience with budding designers, he is a standout for his design expertise, knowledge and practical advice.

Vibrant and down-to-earth, James is an accepted authority in Australian interior design. Well-recognised in the building and design industry, he is a qualified interior designer, colour consultant and real estate agent.

Extending his love affair with housing and design, James is a well-known TV and radio presenter. Yes, you’ve likely seen him sharing his insider tips and advice over the last ten years on programs such as Opens Homes Australia, Auction Day, The Living Room and Talking Lifestyle Radio. And, in his spare time? (Yes, there’s always spare time!) James regularly writes for various publications, runs his own design interior design practice, and is a passionate Ambassador for Planet Ark.